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Seeing saints from varied and different backgrounds come together to seek and advance the Kingdom of God is a great joy. Together we’ve been through many great changes over the past four years. It hasn’t always been easy, but the willingness of God’s people to accept change is such a blessing to me. Our willingness to accept and embrace change is an indicator that God is working and building the lives of His people together. As the apostle Paul wrote, “it God who is at work in us both to will and do His good pleasure.”

FSCC is a place where God is glorified, His Word is honored, and we all endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit. We seek to express not only our individuality but also the love and unity that is expressed by the early Church, as well as, the Godhead.

As you use this directory remember this, in my eyes, you are looking at those who David described as the “majestic in the land.” The majestic are those who Christ has chosen to dwell with, and work through.

God bless everyone and may He keep us in His love until His glorious coming!

Service Times

10:00 am - Adult Classes and Prayer
10:30 am - Worship
7:00 pm - Royal Rangers & Girls Ministries
9:00 pm - Band of Brothers Breakfast (2nd Saturday)

Upcoming Special Events

No upcoming special events are currently on the calendar.


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