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A Ripple Effect

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Fall in line,” culture says.

Don't be different than us, don't think differently than us – we only want you to agree with us,” society says.

We don't need the God of the Bible – He's antique! Out of date!” men and women say.

There are so many voices attacking the biblical ways of life, attacking the idea of God as leader of our lives, that sometimes, it leaves us feeling silly choosing God's kingdom over what others expect us to do. We feel odd, out of place, foolish. In parenting, it's an uphill climb to teach our children habits and behavior that will leave them looking foolish and out of place.

But this should be a dynamic motivation to parent biblically, the right way, not to abdicate our Godly responsibility, or to hide the unpleasantness of serving God amidst humanistic cultural norms. Our children must know the kindness and the patience of God, but they must also know that He's eternal and earth is not. That we are travelers, put on this earth for a moment, and we must appropriately honor this time span, no matter how unpredictable its length.


I've heard some Christians say, “Oh Lord, take me away from all this sin and death and godlessness! I want to be with you in heaven!”


I get it. I've said it myself, folks. After the death of a loved one, or experiencing rejection because of my faith, I've said it. I sometimes imagine heaven, and knowing what scripture says about the rest of our life in that place, it's hard not to! But we mustn't discard the opportunity to be God's ambassadors here before He transplants us inside the gates of heaven.


And our children, all future generations, will be in this place, carrying on the biblical mandates we embrace so passionately right now. Do you worship on Sunday mornings with all your heart? Well, your son will be doing that decades from now, just as passionately. Do you hold the Word in your heart as a priceless gift, that it may change the very landscape of your spirit? So will your daughter, when she's grown.




You're planting seeds now in your children's hearts to seek and apprehend God, yes. But you are also teaching them the high value of doing the same thing when they are independent. As you show them the majesty of the Father, they learn that they, too, can show others His majesty. When you evangelize, baptize, and energize your children in their spirits, they, too, will carry the glory of the Father with them! You are not just parenting the next generation, you are setting it on fire! You are starting a revival in their hearts by showing them where revival originates!


Do not grow weary in teaching your children the truths and wonders of the Father's heart, of the kingdom of God. Though it may seem like they don't listen, don't care, or don't accept it, it is a seed in their heart that cannot help but reap a harvest.


Teach your kids about sports, music, travel, reading, art – absolutely. And when you also teach them about God of the Bible, you are throwing a rock into the water that will have powerful, eternal ripples much more impactful than you or I can imagine today. Parent faithfully, and you will see that many years from now, these little ones will be leading the world to God with the boldness and joy with which you led them.


God be praised for that.


~Angie Lashley