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So, what’s the Deal with Black Lives Matter?

NOTICE:  I would encourage anyone reading this blog to click on the adjoining web links as they provide far more information than can be given in a single blog-post and help create a greater understanding of the topic being covered.  Thanks.

Darren Seals, a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” grassroots community activist from Ferguson Missouri, not to be mistaken for a Black Lives Matter activist, was found shot to death in his torched car last month.  Darren became a civil rights leader in Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.  According to local accounts, five men associated with the local civil protests have been murdered in the same fashion since 2014.  There are no suspects in any of these shootings and very little media attention has been given to the murders.

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 I've traveled to Guatemala several times, years ago, to do missions work and medical and food brigades. It's called the Land of Enchantment, but from 1960 to 1996, it was a nation in civil war. Torn apart and
hurting much like our nation is today. Vicious, segregated, and deadly with disagreement.

The capital holds the Royal Palace, and in that palace there's a room with an exhibit of a wall of notes written by Guatemalans after the peace accord was signed in December 1996. Above a painting of a white dove are written the following words: "De qué sirve todo esto si nadie hace nada de corazón". The translation is:

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Dead Goats, Flipping Burgers, and Equal Pay

A popular Russian fable tells the story of two poor peasants, Boris and Ivan.  Boris owned a goat.  Ivan did not have a goat and seethed with jealousy.  One day, Ivan came across a genie in a bottle who offered to grant him one wish.   Anything that Ivan wanted was available to him in that one wish.  And instead of wishing for his own goat, or anything for that matter, Ivan wished for Boris’ goat to die.