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Believing God

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Believing God

Many influences in our daily lives have the ability to chip away at the columns of our biblical worldview and our faith in God.

A news snippet on the morning commute corrodes our peace and weakens our resolve to stand firm in faith and confidence that God is on the throne, and that he has the fate of this earth under His watchful eye.

It's hard to believe that God is in control and He knows all, when I see children being hurt, or people attacking each other. We see vitriolic dialogue spattered about on social media, and we click out of it wondering what to think, or where to go for news or an information source that won't leave us feeling confused or apprehensive.

God often repeats to me the same theme in my conversations with Him. There are many, because I'm pretty thick-headed with Him sometimes :), but one of them is this:

Lean on me, focus on Me.

Maybe He's had to be repetitive with that phrase to me because it's so simple.

We often complicate things God says, making His quotes to us mystic mantras, painting them on our screensavers and T-shirts. We type His words on a card and put it in a frame on our walls, when God just wants us to believe Him. He just wants us to believe what He said, especially in this virulent spiritual atmosphere.

Here's my challenge to you today, for yourself and your family: Believe what God said to you.

I know that was just six words, but if you understand the world we live in, it's quite revolutionary all by itself.

Brothers and sisters, we must believe God. Not in Him only; we must believe Him – His words, His commands, His love, His will and desires. Everything you've scribbled in your journal, everything He's spoken to you by way of His word or your brothers and sisters in Christ – believe it! Allow Him to breathe new life on the tenets of truth and wisdom that made your heart leap in faith! Don't for a hot second allow the enemy to talk you out of the fabulous, inerrant WORD OF GOD!

We're talking both rhema and logos, by the way – spoken out loud and written on glorious ancient texts that we can hold in our hands and be transformed by. Isn't that such richness? Isn't that what makes us the wealthiest people on the planet? We hear from our God! Today, and until we're on the other side of heaven, folks.

Here's your homework: Review what God has been speaking to you lately. You can go back as far as ten years ago, or as close as yesterday in your prayer time. Doesn't matter – remind yourself of what you need to believe again – and grasp it again as if your very life depended on it.

Because it does.

Choose to believe in God, and choose also to believe Him. His words, if you eat them, will be the very freedom and life you pass on to those in this world who so desperately are looking for something worth believing.


Angie Lashley